TABLERO on computer screen

TABLERO is a kanban board for developers that connects with GitHub projects and synchronizes the issues of multiple repositories and the contributors that are working on them.


Synchronize issues from multiple repositories

TABLERO on computer screen

See the tasks of all project’s repositories in one single board. It helps you to manage and prioritize your work.

Drag and drop synchronized with GitHub

TABLERO on computer screen

Change the status of your tasks on TABLERO and it automatically synchronizes your changes with it’s GitHub repository.

Export to CSV

TABLERO on computer screen

Export your project data to a CSV file. It helps you to keep track of the lead time and the cycle time of your tasks.

Filter by repository

TABLERO on computer screen

Turn on and off the repository tasks you want to see on your board.


Find the installation details on our page on GitHub.

TABLERO is an open source project available on GitHub.